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Seasonal Article                                                                                                        Published:  March 2011 
Spring Showers Bring May Flowers
            Flowers bring so much life to the garden-character really. Each one creates an emotion. Bright reds-energy, blue’s-relaxation, yellows-joy! It can sometimes be hard to wait for the brilliance of summer. That’s why we’ve picked a few of our early blooming favorites to cheer up your spring beds, and turn them into a fabulous array of color!
            Grape Hyacinths (muscaria) are a top pick! These fragrant bulbs contrast beautifully with just about any color combination. These tiny plants are known for being a great naturalizer. At maturity they are about 6”-8” tall. Planting bulbs every couple feet in your lawn, creates a nice woodland look. Just don’t plan on cutting the grass until blooms have been spent for the year. Grape Hyacinths also make a good foreground planting in perennial beds. As perennials reach their full size mid-summer, they will envelope the tired looking Hyacinth foliage. Plant in fall for early spring blooms. Grape Hyacinths grow in sun or light shade, so they are not too picky. Keep in mind they don’t like extremes, so don’t plant them where it’s too wet, or too dry.
            Every garden should have a place for Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)! I love seeing this plants bloom on my early spring treks. They bring a promise of summer. Bleeding Hearts are perfect to tuck away in a shady spot of the garden. The soil should be humis rich and well drained. They work well to naturalize a woodland garden, but I’ve used them in many beds and border type plantings too. They are a charming addition to most spaces, given the right nook.
            Poppies pop! Poppies (Papaver) are our friendship Flower. They look amazing in groups, and although they’re a short lived bloomer, most passersby will stop dead in their tracks to take in their glory. Plant in full sun, the soil should be fertile, sandy, with allot of organic matter mixed in. Good drainage is vital. Poppies are great for mixed borders. I’ve seen bright orange poppies lining a white picket fence. They are a breathtaking site to be seen for sure.
            Have fun creating your own little piece of beauty! These are some of our favorites, but the main point in gardening is to illustrate your own uniqueness. And with spring on the rise, we’ll have the opportunity to do just that-enjoy!
"Creating the West at Its Best in Your Backyard"
                Being a professional Landscape Designer can be dangerous. As one, we want to be careful to impression the area we live in. Just as nautical décor is well suited for a beach front home, and not a New Mexico adobe home, some plants and design methods can be awkward to our Rocky Mountain Region.  
                Rather than discuss what not to do, let’s talk about what we can do. As we look around, we see the splendor of leaves changing, grasses turning gold, and evergreens illuminated against their surrounding backdrops. We can especially take note of this when studying mountain meadows. Boulders have been uncovered as grasses decay into bronze colored wind whistles. I’ve noticed the aroma has changed. The fragrance of Fall is in the air.
                Now bring the mountains home. Some wonderful picks for seasonal color are Flaming Red Maples, Rose Glow Barberry Bushes, Carl Forester Feather Reed Grass, and of course Aspens! Not getting to leafy let’s remember we want color this winter. Evergreens are lovely too, and pop this time of year. When everything is doing its glorious color display, evergreens are enticingly green. Create some fall time attraction with Blue Spruces, Mugo Pines, Ponderosa Pines, and other fav’s.
                Mix these plants in your beds and borders, add some structure with half buried boulders, and you’ve got a winning combination.
Tip 1
Echo color theme’s from High to low (vertical)
 not just on a horizontal plane.        
E.g. Red Maple High, Rose Glow low.
Tip 2
When choosing plants… Besides color, look at form,
foliage texture, leaf size & whether the foliage
is evergreen, or changes seasonally.
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